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What's up with the bird?
It has a "thing" for ucblockhead 0%
It wants access to ucblockhead's 1337 hax1|\|g b0x 20%
It is fleeing US corporate oppression 50%
It is an old girlfriend of ucblockhead's, reincarnated as a bird 30%

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 Life, don't talk to me about life...

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Dec 03, 2001
Why is it that K5 is always up when my life is dull and down when I have lots of crap to talk about in my diary. Ah well, I'll post a little here.

We've got windows in the eaves of our house. Wonderful things, they let the light in but are high enough to keep things private. (Mostly wonderful...I can't play Quake in the den between 10 am and 12 am on Sunny days. A suddenly important issue as you'll see ahead.) A few days ago, I started hearing this wierd "tap-tap-tap" as I sat at the computer. I'd assumed it was the tree being blown into the window, but I eventually turned around and noticed this burned banging up against it. It is doing it now as I type this, three days later. It is what my mom calls an "LBJ", or "Little-Brown-Job". A sparrow, I think. It's not flying into it full speed, just jumping into it from a convenient ledge just below it. I'll be damned if I can figure what it thinks is in here. The odd thing is that it acts almost as if it knows I can't get at it, from behind the glass. I can get very close before it flies away.

It's been storming a bit where I live, perhaps that's the cause somehow.

Vacation, Woo.

Well, it looks like my company has closed the office for December. We get paid as long as we have paid vacation, then we are on unpaid leave. Joy. With luck, the office will open in a month and everything will be hunky-dory. Can't say more as that might affect the "luck". See the k5 diary in a couple months and you'll likely hear all about it.

I'm already bored. (Obviously, I suspect.) Anyone need any C++ coding done?


I was real tempted to post the the hacking story, about my real life experiences (friend arrested by the FBI, being questioned by the US Marshals, possibily having one's phone tapped), but I just can't work up the energy.


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