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 My First Diary Entry

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Dec 03, 2001
This is my first diary entry for Adequacy, so I will try to keep the subject matter light.
In High School, I began experimenting with smoking Mary Jane. One thing led to another, and I eventually wound up starring in several adult movies. My life was caught in a downward spiral, and I continued to experiment with harder drugs, such as Ecstacy and Viagra. My life wasn't worth living, until I found Jesus.

At that point it seemed like a huge weight just lifted off of me and I was encased (the only way I can describe it) in a bubble of love. I couldn't believe the joy and the peace. It was an incredible deep feeling that is so indescribable that anything I write here is nothing in comparison. The chains of darkness are very powerful when all you have to fight with is your own power, yet they are no match for the power of God! The sins I was guilty of, the bondage I had, Jesus destroyed the power of it long ago when He died in my place on a cross by the method of crucifixion. Should anyone want to be as free as I am all they have to do is cry out to this merciful and gracious God who alone can save them in Jesus' name.

Lifted by the Holy Spirit, I earned my MCSE certification and I now work as a Windows 2000 System Administrator.


You poor, deluded fool. (none / 0) (#2)
by chloedancer on Tue Dec 4th, 2001 at 08:14:47 PM PST
You truly consider your new lifestyle to be an improvement? Haven't you realized that working as an adult film star was considerably more respectable than the dreadful prostitution you're now engaged in as a Sys Admin? Repent, while there's still time!


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