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 K5 is an evil UK friendly Pro Windows site

 Author:  Topic:  Posted:
Nov 28, 2001
I'm glad it's down and I hope you Windows using UK chaps all rot in heck

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  • Yes, that's right, now that the truth is out about K5 we can all put the silly notion of technology and culture from the trenches to rest. We all know that K5 was merely a front for those evil bland food cooking Uk'rs to try to trick the tech saavy crowd into thinking that Windows is cool and the US is evil. R.I.P. K5, I say, R.I.P. Long live the USA and Down With the Queen !!!!!

  • As a protest against the UK I have made a vow to eat a lunch today that is filled with flavor


    Aha (none / 0) (#1)
    by Anonymous Reader on Wed Nov 28th, 2001 at 08:24:04 AM PST
    I smell the arse of Bob Abooey behind this diary. Unmask yourself, you imposter...

    Bah.. (none / 0) (#2)
    by Sylvester Q McNamera on Wed Nov 28th, 2001 at 08:46:22 AM PST
    It just so happens that Bob Abooey is my cousin, however I don't have any contact with the nefarious bastard since he went to work for Apple.

    I also want to go on record as stating that I do not approve of his insolent bahaviour and his record of Internet trickery. It's just a shame that one bad apple can cause so much heartache in one family. Why, the poor chaps own mother is totally broken up over her sons despicaple and vile actions.

    Best wishes,
    --S.Q. McNamera

    A brit in camo? (none / 0) (#3)
    by Hagbard Celine on Wed Nov 28th, 2001 at 09:56:45 AM PST

    Your use of the word "chap", and idiomatic British expression was well used in this post. However, your repeated usage of said word in your reply to the first comment suggests that you may not be all you seem.

    It is obvious to me at least that you are a self-hating Brit and a provocateur. As an American I do indeed look down on your small puny island which has been degraded to being the lapdog of my country.

    However, I cannot understand why you hate your country so. Perhaps you moved to the states early in life and were taunted because of your accent and seethed with hatred towards yourself and your motherland?

    I don't understand the pro-windows slant you ascribe to K5. I came here to Adequacy before hearing of this dreadful place you call K5 and investigated that horrible nest of scum and villiany, yet I saw no pro-windows propaganda.

    Stick to your facts sir.

    Typical American confusion. (none / 0) (#4)
    by tkatchev on Wed Nov 28th, 2001 at 10:37:04 AM PST
    Uhm, "bovine growth hormone + MSG == FLAVOR"??!

    No, I do not think so. More like:

    "bovine growth hormone + MSG == HEART DESEASE".

    Enjoy the styrofoam "potato" chips. While you're at it, don't forget delicious, flavor-filled paper "fish" sticks. Yummy.

    Peace and much love...

    bah (none / 0) (#5)
    by nathan on Thu Nov 29th, 2001 at 07:02:13 AM PST
    That's why intelligent North Americans eat vegetables and legumes. I buy certified non-rGBH milk, non-GM bread, etc.

    I think I just proved your point. Goddamit, do I ever feel stupid...

    Li'l Sis: Yo, that's a real grey area. Even by my lax standards.


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