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 The meek shall inherit the earth

 Author:  Topic:  Posted:
Nov 23, 2001
I'm so totally and completely bored out of my skull that I shall post an online diary. Click the link below to read what a real nuclear scientist thinks about.

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  • Well Jesus H Christ on a futon, there isn't a damn thing to do on the Internet today and I'm stuck at work. Thus, I have two real options:

    1) Try to actually do some work
    2) Go to lunch early and hope that I get hit by a bus, thus forcing me to go to the hospital and get shot up with some morphine by a hot little 18 year old nurse with big cans.

  • Hey! Uhh huh. What I like about you.

  • I think I've had it with the whole Linux revolution. It really is doomed you know. The zealots are the most insufferable angry little disagreeable pissants currently sucking air. Really. Oh sure, I still dig the whole Linux thing, but I'm taking it underground. I will never defend or even discuss Linux or any aspect of Linux, ever again. And, I sincerely hope the whole thing dies a fast and painless death so the moronic 15 year old zealots will jump on some other bandwagon and leave us rational people the fuck alone.

  • The thing about being a rocket scientist is, well, people think that we don't make mistakes. Heh. That's a load of crap, I make mistakes all the time. Big ones at that. I mean, shit, every time one of my rockets goes blasting into space I'm doubled over with my fingers crossed praying to Jesus that that piece of crap makes it through the atmosphere without blowing into little tiny hunks of schrapnel. Really. Most rockest scientists that I know are just like me too, we mostly suck.

  • Why didn't those pesky Jews just lie to the Nazis and tell them that they were Baptists or something like that. I mean, duh. If they were coming to take me to the big oven I would tell them whatever they wanted to hear to save my arse. The problem is that most people just aren't that well thought out.

  • OH hey man, waaa leave me alone, you know ... ah dont' lean on my man, cause you can't afford the ticket, back from sufferagette city!!!! don't lean on me man, cause you ain't got time to check in, no more sufferegette city!!

  • Holy crap, look at the time. IT'S LUNCH TIME!!!! Wish me luck.


    Mercy Posting (none / 0) (#1)
    by egg troll on Sat Nov 24th, 2001 at 09:16:47 PM PST
    I felt sorry that you didn't have any comments so I thought I'd add one. Enjoy it!

    Posting for the love of the baby Jesus....


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