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3:00 AM
is the perfect time to LOUDLY play music since neighbors are very susceptible to the beauty of art at this time 33%
is the perfect time to LOUDLY play music since if you couldn't get laid this evening, you should do at least something useful with the rest of the night 66%
is the perfect time to study so LOUDLY playing music doesn't disturb anybody 0%

Votes: 6

 nothing - part two

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Nov 01, 2001
Hello again!

Due to an unforeseen, very annoying disturbance at 3:00 AM this night, I don't feel in shape to write anything useful into my diary today. (For the curious: This night's events have nothing to do with women; I think tkatchev cured me.)

But be assured that my essay over the imminent threat to the Internet that will leave the world as we know it in debris and ashes is in progress.

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Gluggi 98 SE
There's nothing in here.

But you are heartily encouraged to participate in today's poll.


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