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 Twisted Worlds

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Oct 05, 2001
Today I've come to realize that I needed to have some chronicle of my existance, before something mysterious happens to me, and my stories go unheard. So I started one of these. Sure, it doesn't have anything right, but just think of the possiblities! I spent most of my day on the computer, just surfing the net chatting with some of my online friends, watching them go on-line and off-line with their damn lives. As usually the only light in the room was the glow of the monitor. I had to go out and get Cheese Whiz at Safeway, and people commented on my hat(Hemp, just covers my head to my ears). They like it...great, don't care. They are just people I don't know telling me things I don't really care about. Anyway, Little Brother invited one of his friends over, who brought his Eletric Guitar, and played on the computers. Great, Lots of fun. I just love it when they take up my space. I played his guitar for a bit, but it wasn't anything new, just a different colour then mine. Although I'm learning how to play Jazz, he's learning Heavy Metal. Bit of a difference there. I talked with Kevin for about 3 hours. We got him a D&D character for Wensday/Friday when I DM. It's good to talk with him, haven't talked for that long with someone for a bit. I don't know if I like who I am right now, for so many reasons.(I forgot to mention that I am Bisexual...I think). I'll be awake all night probably. My body doesn't realize that I need sleep any more. It just wants food twice a day, and it is happy with an apple then a light dinner. I'm not anorexic, I just don't eat much.

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Twisted Worlds


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