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 Twisted Worlds

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Oct 04, 2001
Hey, Welcome to my world. Don't like it? Get off!

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Twisted Worlds


I need to see white cotton panties to get off. (none / 0) (#1)
by elenchos on Thu Oct 4th, 2001 at 08:51:17 PM PST
What are you wearing?

I do, I do, I do
--Bikini Kill

Why am I reminded (none / 0) (#2)
by chloedancer on Thu Oct 4th, 2001 at 10:12:34 PM PST
of Lucy Van Pelt from Peanuts ("You! Off my planet!")?

What are the symbolic implications of this? If one considers that there are twelve primary characters in Peanuts, just as there are a dozen astrological signs, this association can be interpreted as follows:

Lucy works hard at being bossy, crabby and selfish. She is loud and yells a lot. Her smiles and motives are rarely pure. She's a know-it-all who dispenses advice whether you want it or not--and for Charlie Brown, there's a charge. She's a fussbudget, in the true sense of the word. She's a real grouch, with only one or two soft spots, and both of them may be Schroeder, who prefers Beethoven. As she sees it, hers is the only way. The absence of logic in her arguments holds a kind of shining lunacy. When it comes to compliments, Lucy only likes receiving them. If she's paying one--or even smiling--she's probably up to something devious.

Care to comment re: the accuracy of this?


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