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Oct 04, 2001
I wrote a long version, but it was a long-winded, overly verbose waste of time.

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So here it is: apologies to Adam Rightmann for that thing a few days ago... I thought he was an editor. After some investigation, I find out that he is not. My bad :( I thought only editors wrote articles here, but that's not the case either. I wouldn't have pulled a tactic like that on a fellow poster, but it seemed reasonable to question the authenticity of the writer were he an editor here, given the subject matter and the usual sort of material the editors write. I think I also got the Adequacy "thing" wrong... not sure if I'll ever get that or not.

<META>Also, it might be useful to be able to know whether a post was deleted or zeroed. Thinking you got deleted when in fact you got zeroed by another user can only lead to a lot of time wasted in meta-diaries.</META>


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