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 Taking it to litter ally

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Oct 04, 2001
Maybe my last comment was too offensive, not well elaborated, or just simply stupid. It was enough to be edited away.

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The Look
At this point I want to apologize to the adequacy-commune for having been stupid.
Now, let me explain which my actual thoughts had been on what Anne Marie's story was about:

a homeless man and a pigeon were tussling over a scrap of food in the street not twenty yards from where I stepped. "Surely not," I thought to myself

Well, I thought so, too.

but further inspection confirmed my original conclusion. The man sat in the alley, huddled against the brick facade of a dry-cleaning shop, eating what appeared to be some sort of bread or perhaps a bagel. A pigeon stood nearby, flapping its wings in frustration as his repeated entreaties and attempts to snatch the food from the man's clutch were rebuffed in a flurry of hands and feathers.

And that is the part where Anne Marie lost me. If not so then please correct me on that, but I personally have the experience with pigeons, that they will always fly or run away from humans, only attempting to draw closer if humans give them food - in a kind way. I can also imagine that a pigeon does not stop attempting to get food even when driven away furiously, but never ever have I witnessed a pigeon attacking a human for food, as hungry as it might be.
Therefore, my conclusion was that Anne Marie lied straight out. I apologize if I have not elaborately laid out my point in posting "Lie To Me", or even if the incident really happened as discribed.



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