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Are people who do not grow opium traitors?
Yes 45%
I am an Arab 54%

Votes: 11

 We must all grow opium!

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Oct 14, 2001
Friends! It has come to my attention that the Taliban has decided to fund it's military campaign against us with profits from the illegal drug trade. This is an abomination and we must stop it.

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After hours of tiring research, I have come to a startling solution: all patriotic Americans such as ourselves, must work together to prevent the Taliban from using drug money to but their weapons of mass destruction. Towards this end, I suggest that we all immediately commence large-scale opium production. After all, we are a capitalist country, and the way to put the Taliban out of business is to flood the world heroin market with low-priced, high-quality product.

Anyone who does not grow for freedom is clearly is a foaming at the mouth, socialist, egg-sucking pig-ignorant anti-capitalist scumsucking goat-fucker.


-1 (3.00 / 2) (#1)
by tkatchev on Sun Oct 14th, 2001 at 10:36:25 AM PST
-1 for immature goatsecx reference.

Peace and much love...

What does that matter? (5.00 / 1) (#2)
by sdem on Sun Oct 14th, 2001 at 12:55:55 PM PST
The rest of his idea is worthy of a whole Adequacy article. Hell, I would've stolen the idea if it hadn't been posted in a journal here.

We must all grow opium (4.00 / 1) (#3)
by Anonymous Reader on Sun Oct 14th, 2001 at 02:30:44 PM PST
I completley agree. If we were to legalize the production of opiates for recreational use the taliban would no longer be able to reap profits from it as they do now. In turn, our own economy would benefit by way of profits from thier sales and most likely a drop in heroin related street crime, depending on the method of distribution.

Here! Here! (5.00 / 1) (#4)
by egg troll on Sun Oct 14th, 2001 at 03:22:32 PM PST
Although I think you're on the right track, I feel that your plan does not go far enough. In order to truly put the Taliban out of business, we'd have to have many more drug users than we currently do. I believe the difficulty in obtaining opiates it the number one problem. As such I feel that students should be able to purchase all the smack they can handle, right in the school nurses office. They already go there to pick up the free condoms so they can turn tricks to afford the drug money, so this has the advantage of a centralized point.

Anyone else concur?

Posting for the love of the baby Jesus....

While we're at it... (none / 0) (#5)
by hauntedattics on Mon Oct 15th, 2001 at 07:44:57 AM PST
...let's take down the South American cartels with some high-quality, competitively priced coke. I'm sure any pharma company in the world can make it easily and (relatively) cheaply.

And while we're at it, let's stop using "it's" for the 3rd person neuter possessive. It may seem to make logical and grammatical sense to you, but it really doesn't. And it's (correct usage here) my biggest grammatical bugbear.

Yes, I know I'm the annoying grammar police...

alright (none / 0) (#6)
by crayz on Mon Oct 15th, 2001 at 11:52:25 AM PST
So fucking sue me. That's what you get when I write something at 4:45AM.


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